All products and orders are fulfilled from our warehouse, and we have built a strong alliance with a reputable courier service to ensure delivery is always on time. However, due to the current situation ongoing across the globe, we apologize to our customers for any delay they might experience during shipping and any shifts in the delivery date. We promise to ensure that this delay does not affect your business or customers.

Order And Pick Up

Orders can be placed online and collected from our warehouse. Order details and collection date will be communicated via email, text message, or WhatsApp within 72 hours from the date it was initiated.
Our office hours are 9 am to 5 pm. If for any reason, beyond your control, you cannot meet up within these times, please send us an email or call our customer service. We might make an exception for your business.
Orders placed online from locations far away from our warehouse should take note of the following shipping times. Shipping charges are according to the distance.


Orders are delivered during working hours, and all orders placed on Sunday are counted from Monday. Our delivery time is from 0 to 72 hours, depending on the distance from the receiver.
Weekend deliveries and after-work hours attract an extra charged without VAT.
Multiple shipments and deliveries are possible as we have the courier team handle them.

The order was not delivered

An additional charge is incurred if your order cannot be delivered because of a wrong address. We will try to contact you three times, and if no reply is received, we will give our delivery service the authority to leave to avoid incurring too many charges. However, if we receive an answer from you after the order is returned to our facility, you will pay another freight charge before the delivery is initiated.
For more information, contact our customer service center.